The tattoo registration starts tonight at 20:00 CET (Tuesday 21-08-2018)

Because the Die Hard Day is a small event, there’s only a limited amount of tickets available for tattoo members. By completing this form you might be one of the lucky Tattoo Members to get their hands on a free ticket to the Thunderdome Die Hard Day III.

The first will receive an email with a confirmation of your registration. Remember, it’s first come first serve, so be quick to register. Once we reach maximum capacity we’ll be forced to close the digital Tattoo guest list and you’ll have to wait for the normal pre-sale. So be quick and fill out this sh*t, because what would a Die Hard Day be without you?

If, due to unforeseen circumstances, you’re too late registering and we’ve maxed out Tattoo Member list capacity already, we’ll also let you know and you’ll have another opportunity to get a ticket on the pre-sale day.

So, don’t waste another minute. Join the movement, join the Thunderdome Die Hard Day!

And remember, we’ll be seeing you hardcore diehards in 2019 😉

( we close the registration when we have obtained the number of free tattoo tickets! )

The tattoo registration starts tonight at 20:00 CET (Tuesday 21-08-2018)