Release / Celebrate Life – The Story of ID&T

Release & Celebrate Life: a journey celebrating 25 years of ID&T. One of the most spectacular chapters in the short history of dance music. A story in which a group of friends endured blood, sweat and tears to become the biggest dance music organization in the world. A journey of highs and lows, personal dramas and triumphs, a barely averted bankruptcy and bizarre escapades across the globe. With only one goal in mind: throwing the best parties ever. 


This was a true celebration of 25 Years of Hardcore. Celebrated by the best crowd in the f**king world.


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Have you lost something, maybe we’ve found it.

We hope you all got home safely with a head filled with amazing memories. In case you’ve lost something, it might’ve been turned in by someone (or we found it while cleaning up). In that case, it’ll be ready for you to claim at

25 Years of Hardcore compilation available now.

Four CD’s, one megamix. This is the Thunderdome – 25 Years of Hardcore compilation. Available everywhere.