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Thunderdome – 25 Years of Hardcore will be a big one: more than 500 pages of its illustrious history in words and many images. The production of the book (written in Dutch and English) is already in full swing with cooperation from prominent Dutch music journalists like Onno Schram, Pim Dijkgraaf, Atze de Vrieze, Mark van Bergen and Arne van Terphoven. In the book you’ll find more than 50 interviews with famous Thunderdome artists like Dano, Darkraver, Gizmo, Promo and Neophyte. Founders Duncan Stutterheim and Irfan van Ewijk (together with other ID&T legends like Denis Doeland, Francois Maas and Sander Groet) look back on the time they laid the foundation of their company’s success with Thunderdome.
In addition, the book will also have exclusive interviews and unique, never seen before pictures emerged from personal archives from Gizmo, Da Mouth Of Madness, Darkraver and others. Furthermore, you can read the story about legendary photographer Mirko Kuit and people like MC Justice. Expect funny and extraordinary anecdotes full of sex, drugs and hardcore, for example from the Thunderdome On Tour parties in clubs from Leeuwarden to Antwerp and to the Spanish Costas, from tv program ‘Hakkeehhh!!’ and Thunder Magazine.

Plus: an overview of all lineups and cd’s, the origin of the Wizard, the main collectors, all those great tattoos, bombers, and of course, the music.

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