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Thunderdome Die Hard Day is coming!
Thunderdome doesn’t exist anymore after the legendary Final Exam in 2012. At least, that is what most of you probably expect. Despite of the last edition, the Thunderdome-feeling still lives like never before under the hardcorelovers. Because of the great demand for an event that would bring the followers of the wizard together once more, we present you something special. The Die Hard Day! The Melkweg, Thunderdome and DJ Mag NL organize this day with the help of some loyal Thunderdome collectors. The Melkweg will be transformed into a real gabberdomain where 1700 Thunderdome-fans can share their love once more.


CD Release Area
In the big room, a brand new CD will be presented by the artist that put this CD together. The Darkraver and DJ Vince made a Thunderground Mixx with the 24 best oldskool tracks. The core members of Hardcore Italia represent CD 2. This second CD is an ode to Traxtorm Records, the Italian Label that celebrates its 20 year anniversary this year. On CD 3 Unexist will go crazy once more. For the second time in the history of Thunderdome, he will make a special Turntablized Mixx. Da Mouth of Madness is the man with a voice that every gabber knows. No matter how old, every person that loves hardcore knows this man. This is not weird, since this MC is already twenty years active in the scene. CD 4 will be Da Mouth of Madness’ debut album. For this album he worked together with some other legends in the hardcore scene knows, but he also worked with new talent.


DJ MAG NL Playground
The old room of the Melkweg will be the Die Hard Playground. This room is hosted by DJ Mag who gives the stage to three talents on the 5th December. Do you want to show the Thunderdome die-hards what you’ve got? Make sure you send your dj-mix of at least one hour to dj-mag-playground@thunderdome.com before the 15th of November. The six best entries will be posted on the Thunderdome SoundCloud on the 17th of November, and the three mixes with most plays earn their spot on the DJ Mag Die Hard Playground. Winners will be announced on the 25th of November. The last hours DJ Mag will give the stage to the Thunderdome Legends for a freestyle set from Oldskool to Terror. We will see who is such a Thunderdome Die Hard that he will come and play for the other Die Hards. DJ Mag NL will publish a report about this in the next edition of their magazine, so make sure you don’t miss this one!


Die Hard Collectors
On the live marketplace called the Die Hard Market, the biggest collectors will find everything they have ever dreamed of. This is the perfect place to trade your Thunderdome merchandise and complete your collection once and for all. Are you searching for something special or you have something special to offer yourself? This is the place to be. If you want to reserve a place at the Die Hard Market to present the items you want to trade, send an email to diehard-collectors@thunderdome.com. The Facebook page Thunderdome Diehards-Collectors hosts this part. Speaking of collectors: at the Die Hard 4 Die Hards Exhibition, the Belgian Sven Vercaigne will show his collection. Sven is the proud owner of the biggest Thunderdome-clothing collection in the world. In the top part of the Melkweg, Thunderdome will present a new merchandise collection. This collection will be sold once only, it’s an exclusive edition of merchandise.


What’s more?
Hollywood Mark, the absolute specialist if it comes to wizard-tattoos, powers Hardcore Ink. This is your chance to eternalize your love for Thunderdome on your body. In the Thunder Theatre you will get the chance to meet & greet with the icons of Thunderdome and you’ll be able to watch the history of this event on a cinema-screen. Collector Olav Hamer (Thunderdome Utreg ) selected the best footage from the good old days for you. At last, “de Gabber Kapper” will make sure there will not be a single hair left on your head and after a visit to the photocorner you can show everybody how big of a diehard you are. In short: the ultimate gathering for true Thunderdome-lovers.


To make sure our biggest fans won’t miss this special day, you can subscribe on THUNDERDOME.COM/DIE-HARD-DAY/ until the 10th of November. By filling in the form on the website you ensure yourself of two tickets for the Die Hard Day. Prices are 7,95 including fee, also for subscribers. When entering the Die Hard Day you’ll receive the Die Hard dog tag (with a value of 7,95 euro), a sticker, a poster and a present from DJ Mag NL. After the 16th of November the remaining tickets will be sold in the regular ticket sales. But be careful! The minimum age for this event is 18 years old.


Tattoo members
While reading this, all tattoo members of The Final Exam in 2012 already received the possibility to get a free ticket for the Die Hard Day. If you didn’t receive this email, you will not get free entry for this day. If you have any tattoo questions please mail to: diehard@thunderdome.com

If you want to ensure yourself of all the latest information, please follow us at thunderdome.com and facebook.com/thunderdomeisyou.

See you at the 5th of December!