EVENTS.the past

20/06 22:00 - 20/07 8:00

The biggest party ever!!!

Duncan + Eric


  • 12.500 m2 jump area
  • 250.000 watt. comp. contr. soundsys.
  • amazing light performance
  • flying lights
  • dance acts
  • all kinds of food
  • chill out/ cool down area
  • !!! SUPRISE!!!
  • 20.000 tickets available (buy your tickets presale by official outlets to avoid forgery's)
  • guarded parking area
  • you can come and go by train all night long !!!


1992. Hardcore house in its initial stage. Not many clubs were playing this revolutionary kind music. Huge raves with thousands of people were unthinkable. Some vinyl was pressed by some labels. House hadn't been split up yet, it was just "house music". The harder kind of house was released on mellow and club music CD's. 


The earliest onofficial party of ID&T was a new years eve '91-'92 party at the youthcentre in the town of Landsmeer named Omshanti. Omshanti was to be closed at the 1st of januari 1992, so it would be a farewell party to the youthcentre. 300 people attended this party on the 31st of december.

The final exam

Still hot from the new years eve party at Omshanti  plans were constructed immediatly for a second party. This time things moved up a notch.  At the beginnig of 1992 ID&T wanted to give a much bigger party. 

This party would change the dance scene in Holland drastically... Before 1992, it was unthinkable that 10.000 people would come in one hall to dance all night long. Duncan Stutteheim : "we thought that 3000 people would attent this party, but to our big supprise 11.000 people showed up. It was the beginning of my live. House changed me and formed me. It has changed a whole generation. A new generation started listen to it. It changed the way people thought and felt. With each other." 

Even in 1992, it was hard to get a license for a location. House parties were something that was seen as strange and an unknown phenomenon. And even back in 1992, most exploitants had lots of noise and nuisance complaints of hall neighbours.  But because ID&T made good contacts with The Jaarbeurs and The Amsterdam RAI, both gave green light to give a party. 

It became the jaarbeurs, because of it central position in Holland. This was the very first house party ever accommodated in the Jaarbeurs.The group of friends who organised the previous new years party needed a name. The initials of the three organisers were taken in order of age: ID&T (Irfan, Duncan & Theo). More then 10 years later, in 2002, ID&T would give a Thunderdome in the RAI, with Thunderdome A Decade.

The theme became "The Final Exam". The purpose of this party was to celebrate the closing of the schoolyear of '91/'92.

To promote the party ID&T went to Hilversum, at a studio of Robin Albers, who had his own national radioshow called "for those who like to groove". Also a lot of flyering was done to promote the party. 

Although the promotion went really wel, ID&T got more and more in trouble with costs. Despite of the sitbacks, ID&T was hardheaded and wanted to continue with the party.

Ticket final exam

With the location, theme and organisation fixed, a program of the line up had to be invented. They would begin not all to hard, with Robin Albers. Then Per  took his place beind the wheels of steel. The dj's who were know for spinning harder records like Dano and Buzz Fuzz from Amsterdam would finish the party.

After this party Theo left ID&T. 

Line up:
20/06 22:00 Robin albers
20/06 23:30 Per
21/06 1:00 Amatheus
21/06 2:30 Rob
21/06 4:00 Gizmo
21/06 5:30 Buzz Fuzz
21/06 7:00 Dano